i can get a free 4cyl notch...


New Member
Apr 16, 2004
new bedford ,mass
ok guys, im sitting in english class today, talking to my buddy sean about the coil over swap i did on a talon in autoshop class, he then tells me hey i should donate my car to yous., i said what one? he says the 88 4cyl notch. i said well you kno im a mustang nut ( me and dad have 6 all together-half are parts cars) and i will need a beater while i do my 5.0 swap in my 93 red notchback. his car is a 1988 notch, sand beige 4cyl 5spd. interior color=? . so i might build it up in the future to..will make a nice sleeper in that ugly ugly color..hehe. anyone know how many were made in 4cyl form?

on a side note, word of mouth is the car has multiple dents and injuries lol, but ive got loads of parts/panels to fix it just in case. :banana:
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