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Starter solenoid wiring
Connect the fused 4 gauge wire to the alternator and the battery side of the starter solenoid.
For daily driving, a 100 amp fuse would probably be the most appropriate. Fuses blow as a function of current per time. Factor in that some alternators can crank out a little more than their advertised current as well.

I would keep a spare 100 amp fuse in the glovebox. I have also used an automotive/marine circuit breaker before. The convenience of being able to reset it was nice. I was leery of having it fail after some time under the hood however. I'd have a fuseholder and fuse in the trunk if going with that route.

Good luck.
you think i will have to notch the alt bracket with a 100 amp alt. it almost look like stock size

Just so you don't think I ignored the question, I have no idea. I've not used that alternator.

Even if it requires clearancing, it takes 10-15 mins with a hacksaw.

Good luck.