i must be an idiot - help please!


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Oct 3, 2003
Bethesda, MD
i must be an idiot. i cannot get my radio out. :bang: the manual says there should be 4 holes on the sides to get it out, but that is for the stock radio and mine has a pioneer radio, one of those that has the removable face plates.

i am trying to get it out because it doesn't work, and the air doesn't come out of the a/c vents either.

i know about the clips on the top and sides (up near the a/c knobs) for the center trim panel. are there 2 more clips down low? :shrug:


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First thing.... You are an idiot! You need to ditch the carbon fiber shift knob :puke: :)

You need to pull the radio out of the DIN sleeve first. The black plastic trim piece has a bracket that screws into the back, near the firewall. But you can't get to the screw until you remove the radio. Once you remove the radio, you can remove this screw which will allow the plastic trim piece to be removed (not necessary, but it's a pain if you need to remove the

You know what the DIN sleeve is, right? Well, if not, I will tell you anyway. The DIN sleeve is the metal sleeve that the radio slides into. You need to slide the radio out of the DIN sleeve first. See the two aluminum-looking metal tabs on the left/right of the radio. Those are tabs that are a part of the DIN sleeve.

What you need is something 3" long, and very thin. I have DIN removal tools that came with my radio, but most radio's don't include them You can substitute this with a very thin alan wrench. It worked for me. Take the long portion of the alan wrench, and slide it inbetween the radio and the DIN sleeve, inbetween the two aluminium-looking tabs. That is where the locking tab is; and the alan wrench will push it out, allowing you to slide that side of the radio out. Once you get the alan wrench in, stick your other hand underneath the radio (where that light blue box is), find the back of the radio, and pull that side towards you. That side should slide out only about 1/2" or so. The other tab is holding the other side in still, so you need to release it.

Once one side is out, do the same with the other side. Once the alan wrench is in the other side, pull that side from underneath. The whole radio should slide out now.

You may need to wiggle/play with it to come out. Sometimes there are tabs above/below the radio, but they usually don't prevent removal, just make it more of a PITA.

Once the radio is out & wires are disconnected, look inside the gap where the radio used to be. There is a screw way in the back, that attaches the plastic trim to the back of the entire console. It's a torx screw. You don't need to remove this, but since you will have the radio out, you might as well take this screw out in case you need to remove the trim piece.
wytstang said:
If you bought the radio they should have came with two slim shaft like tools that slide on each side to release the clips so the radio slides out. If you don't have these then an audio store will have to take the radio out.
the car came with the radio already installed. i went over some train tracks last week and they just have jarred a wire loose because it cut out right then and hasn't come back on since.
mo_dingo said:
First thing.... You are an idiot! You need to ditch the carbon fiber shift knob :puke: :)
hey! don't be dissin' the shift knob! i love it! :p

thanks for the info!
yeah, you are going to need aftermarket stereo keys. i went into my walmart, opened up one of the cheap cd player boxes and stole the keys. if you are feeling honest, go ahead and buy some. put each one in on each side. most of the time they click in place a little. give a tug and when the stereo begins to come out, just grab the head unit and itll slide on out. first time might be a bitch, but after doing it a thousand times, i should be a stereo thief
well, i got it out, thanks! i found a really long allen wrench and worked it out one side and then the next. man, the guy who installed it sure did a half a$$ job, you should see the rat's nest back there! now i get to have fun cleaning all that up.

and i found the installation manual and owner's manual on the pioneer web site. maybe i'll have a stereo that works again soon. it'll be nice after i build the case for the subwoofer and get it all hooked up again ...

maybe i'll build a carbon fiber subwoofer case! (j/k) :D

ps - i have thick skin. butsing my balls about my shift knob doesn't bug me.
1105 said:
unless its the one that you gain 10hp from... If its that one then keep it on :nice:

j/k man
the shifter that has the HP is the one with the flashing LED's in the dome. HP city baby. plus it helps light up the stickers - you all know that lit stickers at night are good for 46.2% more HP than the regular sticker-mod alone, right.

im just playin'. :)