i screwed something up in my engine.


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Apr 15, 2004
downshifted to 3rd, to about 5000rpm, passed a car going to wasaga and then noise started coming from the engine, pulled over, nothing leaks, nothing smells, nothing looks damaged but rpm at idle dropped from 1000 to about 650, sounds weird and engine shakes more, also some ticking noise coming from it, specially at higher revs. really loud, car drives, i drove few kms to a parking lot from where i later towed the car home. doesnt overheat, oil is good, no smoke from talpipes, antifreeze is ok too. doesnt have any power nomore

valve ? i dunno

heads are gt-40 aluminum installed 5000 kms ago, were used but in good condition, otherwise car has 170 000 kms on it.
1.72 SVO RRs were installed also,

if someone can tell me what it is that would be great,
thanks a lot.
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so its a constant ticking sound?? does it feel like its running on 7 cylinders?? your best bet is to do a compression test cause that sorta sounds like what happened to me when i bent and cracked a valve and it was tapping my piston. was running on 7 cylinders and did some minor damage to the piston. id do a compression test first just to make sure you arent going to ruin anything by having her run, even at idle. next you might want to check rockers to make sure one of them didnt pop loose. kinda out there but thats a chance too