Idler arm replacement

I know this is not a new subject in fact I have posted before.
I found help on the forum as to where to find. Just wanted to let others know what I found.

“The place I found from this forum was West Coast Cougar for $49 plus shipping so it was around $62. They were out of stock but told me to call the company they get the part from Harris Mustang Supply and gave me that company’s part number.
I called Harris Mustang tel: 704-598-1412.
They had the Idler Arm.

Part number 8165 for $35 plus shipping around $14. No tax since out of state.
West Coast Cougar and Harris Mustang both state it fits 71 - 73 Mustang and Cougar.”

I bought from Harris Mustang Supply and it looked and fit just like the old one other than the area circled red (pic attached) was larger. It included the area highlighted in yellow (like one piece) Picture of my old one attached. The bolt of my old one fit through just right.
Hope my note is understandable.


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