If anyone happens to have a stalker front end...pics and/or thoughts.


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Jun 21, 2001
West TN.
I am going to put some ghost flames on the 95 soon(kinda messed up the bumper cover :) ), come across a R hood and tossing around the idea of a stalker front end to go with it. I was wondering if anyone had one and how they liked it, how is the fit, any problems....bla bla bla.

Thanks in advance,
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I think the only time the cowl hood looks good is with the Stalker or any other bumper that hangs low. I had the R hood and a Stalker at one point, but due to a couple of accidents, I'm back to square one with stock equipment so I don't have any pics. One thing is for sure, the R hood and Stalker on a black car turned alot of heads. The ricers loved it, they all wanted to race me which was actually really really annoying. I didn't like drawing attention to my car with it bone stock under the hood. It sucks not having anything to back up the looks!

Anyway, the Stalker looks good with pretty much anything, it flows will with the contours of the car and overall look. It's my favorite and I will buy another one day.

Installing it was easy, it fit perfectly, in fact I though it fit better than the stock one. The top rear edge where it meets the fender was really clean and looked perfect. The bottom of it protrudes further than the stock one and is held out via two metal bars that bolt on right where the stock bumper is clipped in underneath. I was coming out of IHOP one day and the front hit the ground becuase it was so steep and broke both bolts right off without damaging the bars, so I bought some higher grade ones and made a point to not do that again.

Heres a pic of a car that actually looks good with the R hood. This guy might be in this forum I don't remember where I got the pic.
Zero Signal - Thanks a lot bro. thats just the kind of info I was wanting. I really hate the 95 being completely stock on the outside other than wheels and I believe thats the look I am going to go for.

Thanks again,
Im deciding on the saleen front bumper or the stalker for my 94 yellow gt. Im not sure what will look better? I have a cervinis cobra R hood, cobra R chrome wheels, lowered 2" all around, blacked out windows, painted yellow mirrors, 96 taillights with sequential turn signals, and a bullit fuel door. I was also going to get projector headlights. STALKER OR SALEEN?
I think I will go with a stalker because its easier to install and looks sick! Im gonna do the billet grille and projector headlights. Will I need cobra fog lights?