If you "acquired" a GT500 would you sell the 5.0

So what would you do just like it said. If you were given not buy a brand new GT500 would you keep your trusty 5.0 or sell it and go nuts.

I am have been asking myself this in my head all day and I cant say yet that I would sell the 5.0 even though selling it would free up a few grand for mods to the GT500.

Just wondering what everyone has to say...
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Ya know as awesome as the Shelby is, to me it's just another new Mustang that i can't afford and probably never will if the prices and demand keep up like they are. I'm more likely to buy an '03 Cobra before i ever look into a Shelby. Would i give up my coupe for an '03 Cobra? Probably...but it would hurt real deep :(

I'd do it because i'm going to be on the hunt for an '03 because that was the year my son was born and i'm damned determined to get one and keep it in good shape so it can be his first car.
Oh I didn't notice we could sell it. My bad. Then I'd keep and drive it for a bit, sell it and replace it with an older S351 and/or build a killer sleeper notch.
I would keep both my 5.0 & 500. I would pull a few runs at the track, and weekends here & there in the 500. It would remain stock, garaged, & given tlc. And I will continue driving the hell out of the 5oh. :D
Id keep both cars. Itd be nice to have a new car thats more powerful, more driveable, and quieter. Then to have all the merits of my 5.0 when I want them. The 5.0 isnt leaving anytime soon though.
You know I have been in a similar situation the last couple of weeks. I can get an 07 my bro bought with our Ford discount for what he owes. It has a Hellion kit on it. The problem is that I am on a "fixed" income since our plant closing. I know what I have coming in and what I have going out. I want the car but I hate the thought of a payment or getting rid of my 90. I know what is in my 90 GT and I have thought of getting rid of it and doin the deal.:shrug: