Ignition questions.


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Jan 14, 2021
Hi everyone, I'm restoring a ford EXP, I know its not a mustang, but the ignition systems are almost identical to a fox body.
Anyway I'm working with the stock EXP motor with a bike carb swap,and would like to remove the ECU and sensors. The car is wired for a 6 pin TFI ignition system.

I had a few simple questions.
Is there a way to use a TFI dizzy without all the sensors and ECU? Can a MSD box or similar be added without keeping the stock ECU and what not?
Would I be better off wiring the car for a DSII or 3pin TFI?
In a bone stock DSII system can one use a TFI coil ? With or without a resistor? Stock DS box is a blue grommet box BTW.


I'm fairly sure the 3 pin TFI system was only ever used in the EXP/escort. Its a TFI setup for carbed motors without a ECU.
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I did try googling it but couldn’t find anything on the question.
Call Crane Ignition or MSD or Daytona Sensors customer service. This is not something that is going to be that hard to do. I'm sure they have wiring diagrams they can send you via email. The wiring diagram probably comes with the box to be honest. It's something that has been done on 1000s of cars. If not through the ignition control module, they can tell you how to run it right off the PIP sensor in the distributor. If I had to take a bet on who has the best customer service, I would go with Crane Cams Ignition. Ask for Robert Freud, if you don't get an answer from the first guy. I've known him for 20+ years.