Im still alive ;) and sorta need help


New Member
Aug 10, 2003
Montreal Quebec
Hey peeps ;) it's lil drizzy here!

I was wondering does anyone, or know anyone getting rid of oem 17"? im still stuck with the 15's on my 98gt that was on when i bought it, i just bought some cheap ass michelin energy to put on there i bought use for 50$ a piece, and damn i got no traction at all. i already miss my Nokian winter tire, those where so nice... awww well

so now im looking for cheap 17's wheel i'll look for tire to put on later, prolly yokohama's es100 or something.... at least school finish so i just need to do this stage then im back on the working market and i'll have money eventually

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My friend just bought a 91 with 5 lug swap. It has 2001 GT wheels (I think it's '01), he wants some sort of FR500 wheels... I'll ask him when he's going to get rid of the wheels.