In-line Pump Suggestions


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Nov 29, 1999
Looking for recommendations for a fuel system running an in-line pump.
System will operate at 58-60psi and need to support 600+ hp preferably.

Anyone with experience with this setup?
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I'm not a fan on in-line pumps at all. Sure, they'll ramp the pressure up but generally at the cost of fuel volume. There's also the overly repeated aspect of pushing that fuel through an addition heat source.

I know this is not what you asked about but my suggestion would be to replace the in-tank pump with a high volume/high pressure in-take pump or to go with an in-tank pick-up and external high volume/high pressure pump. PARTICULARLY if you're looking to support 600+ hp with the thing.

Supercharger kits include these booster pumps with their kits for ease of installation and to help sell their kits. To me, they are just one more item added to the chain of potential failure points.

It always reminds me of the phrase, "Keep it Simple Stupid".
Currently the car is set up for an external system. While I agree with what you're saying, I'm trying to get a feel for my options before ditching the custom tank and starting over.
I'm not a fan of BAP, FMUs etc so regardless of the system I'd like the pump(s) to support it without band aids. Unfortunately a 255 or 044 just isn't gonna cut it alone so I'm seeing what others have experienced.

I appreciate the advice and trust me, it's definitely a consideration.
Agreed. They do have some badass equipment though. BBRC has the ability to get them I believe. I love their polished alum fuel tank also.@raceoholic330 is running this system I believe
I used a Cartech Renegade III fuel system with great results. the beauty of this system is the use of the Bosh fuel pumps, they are super quiet (stock pump for the Porsche 911 I believe) and designed for long term street use, so there is no issue with noise or heat soak associated with other pumps.
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I think I misunderstood your initial question. I didn't realize from your first post that you already had a pick-up and were using a single external pump. With that understanding, I'm with ya. I actually prefer a single external to and internal, and a single internal over an internal external setup.

In your shoes, I would select a quality pump that's not capable of providing fuel for a combo that's WAY over your goals. There's no need (of course) to install a pump capable of an excess of 2000 HP if you're only shooting for 600. As far as selection goes, I'm on the fence. I generally look at recent reviews for stuff like this since quality and durability seem to change from vendor to vendor so regularly.

Earlier you mentioned the BAP and that you're not a fan. Even if you don't use one of these units for the boost function, I can tell you that they are very nice for keeping voltage CONSTANT at the pump. It virtually eliminates spikes in power availability due to weak battery, flipping on head lamps, etc. I am a fan of the voltage conditioning that some of the better units provide.
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Any objection to simply using an Aeromotive A1000? or even holley has a dual stage inline pump that supports a decent amount of HP.
Not at all, that's where I was leaning just because it's a system I recognize and I know what it's capable of.

Holley makes some really nice stuff that I checked out while shopping for my ECU. They're just pricey when you put a package together it seems