Informational dyno post: AOD vs. T-5


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May 17, 2000
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Thought I'd post this up for informational purposes.

Fall of 2006 I finally got my car basically where I wanted it after 8 years of ownership. Mods are as follows:

GT-40X303 aluminum heads
Ford Racing Performance Parts E-cam
FRPP 1.6 roller rockers
Polished Cobra intake
Edelbrock 65mm throttle body
73 mm C&L MAF
Summit Racing cold air induction
FRPP 24 lb injectors
BBK adjustable fuel pressure regulator
March underdrive pullies
3.73 rear gears

FRPP Jet-Hot coated unequal length headers
Bassani catted X-pipe
SLP Loudmouth cat-back.

My car was originally equipped with an AOD. Last January our car club had a dyno day at Marysville Speed-n-Custom using their Dynojet. The car put down 253 rwhp and 281 rwt. During the fall of 2007 I swapped out the AOD for a T-5. Last weekend I had the car back up to MSC to see what the difference would be with the manual transmission. The only changes made to the car were a new cap and rotor and the tranny swap. New numbers were 271 rwhp and 303 rwt.

Here are the two runs overlapping each other. Red is this year and blue is last year.


After the dyno run Saturday, I swapped out the Cobra intake for a Tmoss-ported GT-40 tubular and 70mm throttle body. My club is having another dyno day a week from Saturday, so I'll have numbers for that over the Cobra then.
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Funny I saw similar loses with a slightly different exhaust, and larger brakes/tires.

From 272/316 to 259/295 just by doing 5 lug, losing the prochamber and mac catback for an x pipe and dumped spintechs, and going from 17" wheels to 18"s.