input needed


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Dec 19, 2008
looking to start modding the 03 a little more now that my warrente is about up and shes about paid for. power wise theres not much more to bolt on and im waiting on heads/cams/blower to put on my forged block when shes retired from being a dd. im looking more towards the suspension side now.

what do u think. heres what im thinkin. maxmotorsports street perf. springs
some max motorsport sport dampners. cc plates and a kenny brown extreme matrix subframe set up.

any ideas, thoughts to improve on this? im fairly new to the sn95/newedge world. they already handle leaps and bounds better than any of my fox cars have

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well she needs a little altitude adjustment. (dont really like the 4x4 look) ive been told with drop springs u need cc plates to get the alignment right. so if im there might as well do shocks and struts. subframes helped out a lot in ride quality for my fox. i drive her pretty easy but id like to get something on there before she gets all twisted up ya know
Hey David, I would just go with some MM subframe connectors. Unless your gonna autoX you don't really need/want all the extra bs with the Kenny Brown stuff.

If you don't drop it more than 1.5" you may get by without CC plates. You can always get some camber bolts($20-30) to allow it to be set back into factory spec. Like you said, since your going to be in there anyway I would go ahead and get some new shocks/struts.

If I were to do mine over again, I would use H&R supersport springs. IMO, they are the best all around lowering spring out there for our bodystyle.
Yeah I've heard good things about those springs. The car handles leaps and bounds above my fox but then I get in my dads jag xkr and holly hell its a dif world. 1/4 mile is fun but this is a driver for me. I love taking her on trips to places where I can get on a mountain road and let her eat. Doubt if she will ever be a track car drag or autox. I just would like a tighter car ya know?