Installed my adjustable LCA/UCA's


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Feb 5, 2004
Killeen, Texas
My friend Jesse and I installed my pro3i weightjacker (adjustable) LCA/UCA's tonight. The install took just around 4 hours. It only took 1 hour to tear the whole rear-end out, dropping the sway bar, shocks, springs, lower arms and upper arms. But putting it back together was a little trickier. We got the driver side upper on NO problem. But it took us a freaking hour to get the passenger side on. The shaft that runs through the stock bushing on the lower mounting point was like an 1/8" to wide. We tried various methods of wedging the arm on there, but to no avail. Finally I tried filing it down with a hand file. That was taking to long. So I busted out the angle grinder and grinded the ***** outta the thing. :banana: Worked like a charm. Then we got the driver's side lower arm on no problem, then the passenger side was being a bitch, lol. Finally I just got a BFH :hail: and got it on, lol. Then the mounting holes didn't line up for the sway bar (eibach) and we had to drill out for that too. Finally got the sway bar back on and buttoned it up. I haven't even messed with adjusting it yet. But the thing hooks hella good now. I stopped on a back road on the way home and slipped the cluctch at 2k and bogged pretty hard off the line. Before I would spin even slipping it at 2, but not anymore. I'm gonna try adjusting it tomorrow. Quick question though, what's a better setting for traction, low or high? I have no idea what to set it to. :shrug: Anyway, here's some pics of the install.

New upper (left) and lower (right) control arms. Lowers are adjustable.

Lowers only

Uppers only

Driver's side with 4 control arms removed, both springs removed, sway bar removed, shocks unbolted.

Another rear shot disassembled

Stock lowers

Lower mounting point

Passenger side axle area

UCA body mounting point

Another UCA body mounting point

Driver's side upper installed

The pics are okay, and I got tired of taking them, and so I don't have any of the lowers. But I gotta jack it up tomorrow to adjust them, and I'll snag some then. Damn it's 2 am and I gotta get up at 7 for work. Later
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