Installing BBK Headers (shorties) what should i put on those?...


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Nov 20, 2003
I just got a pair of BBK chrome (soon to be blue :D ) headers for my 88gt 5spd. I didn't get them installed yet but i was wondering what you guys would recommed for a nice rumble to attach to those shortys?....Something that sounds very intimidating but at the same time i don't want to get pulled over either, should i go with x-pipe? h-pipe again? ..i currently have the stock H-pipe with the cats on 'em....thanks for the info guys.
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I have a BBK X pipe and i love it. i matched it with some flowmasters, but you can use any catback system that you like. i say H pipe or X will work.

on a side note: i have a brand new H pipe for sale...very cheap... get at me
I just got a set of Ford shorty headers, and did the Bassani BX catted x-pipe and catback. It sounds great, a lot of people have already complimented on how good it sounds.

The fit was great also, so I recommend it without hesitation.