Installing CAI

Ok, i'm going to attempt this tonight, and i did all my research on this forum. Its pretty straight forward. I got the kit of Ebay no missing parts.

Got any tips? I heard you have to go under the car to put the filter on how hard is that. Looks very tight..

Thanks Advance... :canada:
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Ive actually been able to put the filter on the pipe with the shield on the pipe, and then hook everything up where I dont have to get under the car. But you have to turn it all kinds of crazy ways.

And its not hard at all.
Well you dont necessarily have to get under the car, just into the wheel well. But umm, clean out your MAF and your IAT since your going to have it taken apart. Also see if your filter might fit in threw the hole in the fender where the snorkel went before you start your headache. Trust me ive been there, its no fun at night. With some of those e-bay intakes get lucky and the filter fits without needing to go under. Good luck, enjoy! and post some picks when your done!!:SNSign:
I'll be starting exactly 1/4 to 10 and theres a bit of snow on the ground -20 degress celius. but i'm gona pull into the garage. I'm on a temp lay off and super bored.

I got car parts laying every where in my dinning room.

Yeah i heard some horror storys with Dremal tools .

How do i clean my MAF and IAT?

I'm gona do this in the night, ahah sounds dangerous. **** happens when you party naked.
Ok i sorta gave up, till Tommorow morning and the tips helped alot you got know idea. I lost a sock in the process long story. and my digital Cam froze, i hope it still works. any ways here the pics before my CAM broke

Thas the intake pretty simple

thats my garage pretty messy i know, so i did it out side.


heres canada


Heres the guts, mind you i took the nut off and all the upper tubin. Its just stuck on the bottom gromet, the first one popped off, its just the 2nd one thats stubborn as hell.


I'll get some more pictures when i'm done. tommorow.

Ps i hate snow....