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Oct 6, 2011
So after taking the alternator out today I decided to poke around the car more and came across two interesting things. Both of which I should have asked about or figured out before I bought the car, but it works in my favor.

Previous owner said the TB was BBK 65mm and an unknown 65mm MAF. After cleaning some gunk off the TB




So that means this car has all supporting mods TB, MAF, Fuel Pump, 24#ers, and full exhaust for a nice H/C/I combo and with the I part (Cobra) already taken care of. This makes me wonder two things. One is how to identify GT 40 heads, don't worry I will search. Two how mild are the b, and e cam? I mean to someone with an untrained ear could you listen and say, that thing definitely has a cam in it. I feel a what combo should I go with thread coming soon.....
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On the front and back of the heads- they will have 3 bars if they are GT40 and 4 if they are P's. The B & E cam will give slight rumble than a stock cam, which is why they were so popular. IMO there are much better choices out there, so if you do not have an alphabet cam, I would look to Comp Cams, Anderson, or Ed at FTI. I have never seen an alphabet cam that had all the lobes the same.

B cam:
Lift. 480
Peak torque - 3300
Peak hp - 5100
Power doesn't really hit until 3500-4000 rpm and you're done around 5500. It's a narrow powerband for it.

E cam:
Lift .498
Peak torque - 2500
Peak hp - 5500 _________________ need at least a 4.10 gear and with an auto a higher stall