Is it possible to succesfully replace Windshield at home?

To make a short story shorter.
EX Wifes Hood flew up and broke the windshield on her beater 90 4 cyl LX.
Do not want to pay for a new one or the labor for installation.
Anyone have any tips on removal and installation of the glass?

Her hood is also toast but I don't need help with the hood installation.
Going the salvage yard route (Hood only $35)

Will try to get the windshield if I get good responses.

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You need 2 vise grips and some very small cable or strong wire. Work the wire or cable between the glass and frame, clamp vise grips one on iside, one on outside of car. Use a sawing motion ( u will need a helper in the car) and cut the black good all the way around. Then the windshield will lift right out.

Napa sells windshield tape (the black goo) clean up the frame, carefully apply the tape, install new glass on to tape. (it is very very sticky, you need to place the windshield right on the first try!)
Get the pro's to do it. It isn't much more expensive and you get a warranty. It will leak if you attempt it. The goo from the autoparts stores is fairly crappy. All windshields these days use hot urethane. Play the pricing game, you should be able to get them to come out and install it for under 200 bucks. I do it for a living right now, which is why I would't advocate doing it yourself.

Also, if yours is the original windshield, it was put in using butyl tape, and the urethane goo from the auto part stores won't stick to it unless you clean it very well.
you save maybe 50 bucks in labor cost. It should only cost you 160 to have a new one put in, but the windshield alone will cost you starting from 100 for a used one. If you are going to be that cheap thats okay but having done it once or twice myself I would rather spend the few extra than piss myself off all day.

One must naturally be curious why you would undertake such a thing for the EX.
I attempt to do everything myself.
Engine work to body work (except alignments, my brother does mine, he has over 10 years experience)

I'm a mechanic so thats just the attitude I have. I do it ALL!!!
I love working on cars.
Do not care how much of a pain in the arse it is.

Right now I have my car stripped and I'm doing some body work.
Going to paint it from white to black.
Have to clean and prep door jambs etc etc etc.

Ex wife was quoted $125 for the glass installation plus the glass?!
I bet I could get that glass for about $45.
The hood is $35.

I recently replaced my driver glass myself and paid $15 bucks for it at the bone yard.
I use my local Salvage yard (Pull your own part type) "ECOLOGY"

I'll try the NAPA goop and the wire/vise grip method

Does not rain enough here in Cali to worry about leaks.

It's all cool with the Ex, unlike most divorced persons.

Thanks for the replies!
Just had my windshield replaced yesterday, the guy came to my house and did it in my driveway. 170 for the glass and 50 for the labor... He even salvaged my inspection and tags (both are on windshield in Tx)