SN95 Its Been Awhile.


Jun 21, 2013
Brick, NJ
Its been a few months now and I've got a few things gathered up here and there and the funds are beginning to be more of a steady thing. So with all that its almost time for a progress thread. I've got ny route all planned out after months of debating different scenarios with my highly active brain.
So far I have a few things waiting for the weather to turn around.
13 in cobra brake package new brake lines and such.
Shorty headers and a new midpipe (bbk x pipe) gonna go with the mac cat back already installed.
New eibach suspension kit (springs shocks bushings) cars already lowered so I think its the same.
And I'm going to ordering body panels hoods etc. Plus a set of fr500 wheels. And a long list of mechanical stuff too I won't get into all of it untill the progress thread just thoughtbi would update fpr those that cared if any lol
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