It's gone!!


New Member
Mar 27, 2004
Vancouver, WA
I can't believe it but it is gone you guys!! Sold my I'm stuck with a rice burner...95 integra ls 5 speed, 70k miles...Rough times in the family called for a more economical vehicle..Maybe someday I will get another one but for now...gas prices finally have bitten me..
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Yeah I am not going to modify this car at all..the point was to save aside from a decent set of wheels and maybe a stereo system (the aftermarket one in it right now ain't so great) all I will do is take good care of it..I hate fart cans bro...
id rock a rice burner right now...infact my rice burner is a lot faster than my 5.0 :( but its tore apart for pain so the stang is the Daily driver but is about as good as the yota 4x4 with 31's was