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Dec 11, 2001
Seattle & Tampa
Well, I've been sanding and painting, but not the Mustang... I'm having a kid so I've been re-doing a crib and changing table and a dresser and painting a room. Yep, the baby is due July 31st, and I haven't done crap until now. The sanding and painting wouldn't suck so much but its like upper 80s here in Seattle, and no a/c anywhere. :(

The worst part??? I'm registered for Hot August Nights (again...), but I'm not gonna get to go (again...). Add to that I was supposed to go pick up the Mustang from Tampa but SWMBO didn't like the idea of being solo for a couple weeks... not that I can blame her. :rolleyes: Now I don't know when I'll ever get to get the damn car, and I hate the idea of getting it delivered. To top it off, I've got an assistantship for all of next year teaching music theory at the University of Washington, which means I'll have no time off to go back then either. :nonono:

Then again, what the hell am I possibly complaining about??? I've got a beautiful supportive wife, my first kid on the way, I'm pursuing my doctorate at one of the top universities for what I do, and I've got an assistantship that pays me $1300/mo for 20 hrs/week with health insurance, and pays my $3000 tuition every quarter. :banana: :D Maybe I can tolerate getting the Mustang a bit later afterall.... :nice:
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