Jegs/Kaase Heads..Any one have them?


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Jan 19, 2004
I just picked up a pair of the Jegs/Kaase SBF canted valve heads and was wondering if anyone has had any real world experiance with them. I have read alot about them before I bought them and spoke to a few builders who said they are the ****z if you can find them. Anyone got them? Whatcha think?
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i heard and read only good things about them. like you said there hard to actually get your hands on. also i dont know what kinda setup your goin with but from what ive read there made to flow alot..and make there power in the 4000-8000 range. i thought about this head for my new motor but 8000rpm is a lil to much for me. goodluck an nice good job on scoring a set of those heads.
All the builders I talked to said the Blue Thunder heads are the best. The Kaase heads need a lot of porting. I went with TFS CNC Highports. They roughly flow in the 350cfm range.