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Black Stampede

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Sep 3, 2002
Grand Rapids, MI
I wasn't able to run my car at the track all last summer because it was torn apart, but this year I plan to go alot and was curious as to what you all think I will run. Before my motor work I ran a 14.2 at 97mph on street tires with pretty much just exhaust, pulleys, and 3.73s. Now I have a GT40 intake, TFS stage 1 cam, and milled E7s. I will also be able to get my hands on some drag radials so take that into account too. I'm hoping for maybe a 13.5-13.6?:shrug: Thanks guys.
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With a set of nice heads I have no doubt I could run low 13s if not a 12.9, but when I did the combo it was strictly budget and that is why I kept the E7s. I had someone who was all lined up to port them and then he backed out cause he didn't have enough time. That was after they were already milled. So pretty much I got screwed. Cause I doubt anyone would mill E7s and leave them alone haha. They have TFS valve springs, but thats it.
I thought about buying some nice ones, but unless I just get gt40p's then i gotta get rods and stuff so I'm not really wanting to spend the $. I am contemplating just doing nitrous since that would be cheaper then heads. If I got heads, which do you think would be the best route for power and price?