Just got Solid motor mounts/something looks off?


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May 28, 2005
i ordered some solid motor mounts just got them at the door today, they look huge; compared to my blue oval products that i had on my other stang?(that was years ago though);....



are these right??? cause they look huge,not saying a motor is a small thing but idk... they were for the 5.0 and had 87-93 as fitment years? or am i just crazy
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Yup, that would be them.

I have a pair of solid motor mounts w/ solid trans mount. Someone gave them to me because they didn't want to run them. I don't want to run them either.
Those are it....BTW Solids aren't bad!!! Just don't get a solid trans mount....stay poly or rubber. I have solids on my 383 stroker in my convertible and used to commute in the summer in the car 50+ miles each way.

I noticed after getting Solids that wasn't tightening exhaust/header bolts all the time....I'm not a fan of drive train movement.
looks big cause its the mount and bracket in one.

I run a solid on the drivers side and the stock one on the pass. works good cause the natural rotation of motor puts the most stress on driver mount. so it has the benifits of solids plus dampening of rubber mounts
i was told to run solid mounts. my tranny crossmember u bolt it to the trany no mount so its solid to.

u run solids to stop from breaking the mounts when u make alot of hp

How much hp are we talkin about? The GT500KR makes like 540hp, the ZR1 Vette makes 630hp...i'm pretty sure neither are running solid mounts.
i have broke stock type mounts with my old motors. so i just do solids my car its a drag car only. it was not alot of hp but i still broke the mounts. i have a friend that he is on stock mounts and he put 769 to the rear tires. his car is a cobra and im sure they have go better mounts than what ford had back in the day.
I've got a set and i almost installed them...but after driving my buddy's car with them, i decided to go with new vert mounts. It's not that it's BAD, but there is a LOT of vibration when your car is heavily cammed. It's bad enough now with vert mounts. His car has urethane mounts now and it's really no different than my vert mounts as far as vibration goes. If you're really concerned about breaking mounts then you need to get yourself a torque strap for the driver's side. Then you'll never break another mount again even if it's a 20 year old stock mount.