Just joined from BG - Convertible Frame Adjustment Help


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Apr 18, 2021
I don't usually do the Welcome Threads on the numerous forums I belong to, but this forum seems very insistent. I currently have a 2002 Black Stage 2 Roush Convertible in the garage (along with other things). I'm really looking for a good Mustang Forum - somewhere to go when things get technical. I belong to numerous but most seem to be centered around Flowmasters and wheels - nothing too deep. I'm currently looking for convertible frame adjustment advice and keep coming up with a result here from a different model (earlier) Mustang from years ago and thought I'd join to see if I can find something more relevant (or with pictures) that I can use but I'll go into that in its own post in the appropriate section. Here are a couple of pictures that I have handy - I'll see if I can find some better ones.


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Well, if my reading comprehension worked at the same rate I scan read things, I would have posted this in the correct section, to begin with. :doh:

No worries. It's easier when new members just post to Welcome Wagon and somebody on staff escorts you to [home], so to speak.

Actually, your thread should be in the Tech section but your intro is better served here. Mods may likely relocate it again once it gets some traction.
I was going to actually post the convertible question on its own rather than have an intro and question all in one - although had I read about 'where' to actually post, I probably would have just posted the question instead of dealing with the Intro.