Keep her original or modify?


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Feb 15, 2007
Hello I have a 66 coupe that I love to death but I am having trouble making a decision. She only has 88,000 original miles on the body and the original 6 cylinder. All the paint and body work has been done and not to sound like a jerk but it looks pretty mint. I am currently resoring the inerior, just spending hours cleaning all the original pieces and getting some new goodies as well. Anyway, by the time I am done with this thing it will look like new again and the dilema I am having is whether or not to modify it. I want to build my own V8, go five lug, get the bigger rear end, go to some disk brakes and put some wider wheels and drop it a bit. My dad says that I should finish the restoration and sell it for somewhere in the double digits and get another project. So what would you guys do, I want to daily drive it and fully enjoy all of my hard work so it would be dificult for me to start all over again. I am only a senior in high school so I cant afford to do a complete resto. Well, I am looking for some guidence so I thought I would run by you guys and get some oppinions. Thanks so much for reading all this, and I would appreciate any input. Thanks again, Kyle
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I can't imagine after paint, interior and everythign else that you could get your money out of it? You did say it was a 6cyl coupe? You would have a better shot doing that by putting a V8 in it and doing some daily driver mods. At that point, why get rid of it? Is their something else you want to build?
Yea, good low milaged classic mustangs go for quit a bit around here though. I just don't want to take anything away from the car though and sometimes I think by building and dropping in a V8 and changing up the original stuff might do that. I really think I am just going to do what makes me happy though. I plan on keeping it forever so I might as well build it the way I want it. We will see though, thanks for the input I really appreciate it.:D
Dropping a V8 in it will only increase the value. No matter how much you have spent, how great it looks, a 6 clyinder coupe is the lowest thing on the totem pole. Everything you're talking about i the conversion can be changed back to original if for some reason 6 cyl coupes become a valuable option.

Convert it, drive it, have fun and if you ever decide to sell it then think of changing it back.

BTW save the old parts in case yo do decide to reswap back.
6 cyl coupes aren't worth anything, but a solid body is. Keep what you've got and make it into what you want. If you don't plan on reselling it, 'market' value is of no concern anyway. Your dad's just jealous because you'll be having more fun than him, lol.
Hmm... I'd look at it a different way. How much modification do you want to end up doing to it. You've got a decent outline, doesn't look like any major modifications, mainly bolt on type stuff, you don't mention whether or not you like the color of it. Do you think that's as far as you'll ever go? Take what you paid for the car originally, the amount you've invested in it and the amount that a similar car will sell for in your area and compare that to what your wanting to spend on it. I would then look at projects that have been started and failed and are for sale for pennies on the dollar that are along the lines of what you're wanting to end up with. Is the body style your favorite or would you prefer a fastback or 'vert? Is the year your favorite or do '67-'68 or '69-'70 body styling do it for you more?

I find it somewhat unusual for your father to tell you to sell it and buy another project. I would expect the usual answer to be don't modify it, just enjoy it as is, or sell it and buy a modern, more reliable vehicle with a warrenty. It sounds like your father has quite a bit of confidence in you. I've found that really creative auto enthusiests usually tend to fix a car up, then sell it to finance their next project unless they are so wealthy that they can keep every project. What do you plan on doing beyond high school? I tend to think you need to look at as much of the picture as you can and go from there. Ultimately, it's your car, do with it as you please.
Well, I love the color and body is very strait. I have already found a complete 8" rear and I panned on doing disks anyway for daily driving so I am not to worried about the front. There is serioulsy no rust in this thing, I have the whole interior out and I have been searching for rust everywhere and I cant find any. So with that in mind, I am just going to make it the way I want it. I will not find one in better condtion for the price. I am going to just do what makes me happy and if I decide to sell it, the mods I will be doing will just increase the value I think. You guys are totally right, there were thousands and thousands of coupes made in 66 so why not? I just want to learn all I can and do it all myself and this is a great place to start. I got a bunch of goodies today, so tomorrow I will get 'em all in and hopefully be able to go cruisin'. Thanks so much for all your input.