Last Ride


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Nov 5, 2009
It's funny how fast life can change some times. I bought this car last fall so my wife and I could enjoy running around a track together. Here it is almost spring and I am in a postion to sell the car off without ever being able to enjoy it on the track.

Anyway I was able to take the car out for a last ride today to wash the dust off. On the way home I ran across a neat place to take some pictures.




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its been sold and bought alot since the mag, i think 4-5 times i know i seen it twice on ebay..

I think your right. It believe it has been sold twice since the magazine article. The notebook I received with the car has the eBay ad were the car was sold shortly after the magazine article . I think the car went out west, then to New York, now in Illinois.
Well I got around to posting my car on eBay this evening. I hope it goes well. It would be nice to pay off some debt before my wife thinks about student loans.

The item # is 260564948452 if you want to see how it ends.