LCA setup


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Mar 29, 2007
I finally installed my J&M LCAs and relocation brackets, but I haven't put the wheels back on torqued everything yet because I am doing the PMP line locks first. What I want to know is which position most people have their LCAs at in the relocation brackets. I put mine in the upper hole as recommended by Bigcat but now I am wondering if that should change since my car is lowered. Does that make a difference?
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If you're lowered over an inch, I would use the lower holes. The best thing to do is load the suspension (with the jack, if need be) and see how they sit. For a daily driver, you want them parallel with the frame, or just a tad lower in the rear. For drag racing, you want them even a bit lower in the rear. But you don't want it drastic unless the car is strictly a drag car.
Choose the rear relocation bracket hole so that , when suspension is loaded , the lca's are the most horizontal possible - this will give the best results for normal driving and road racing . I'm not an expert of drag racing though ... if I remember well the setup for drag is a bit different .
Just my 2 cents.