Lets see your Bimini Blue pics...


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Nov 6, 2001
I picked this 1991 Bimini Coupe up late last year, and hope to restore it. It's a clean car overall with some minor cosmetic stuff here and there. I always wanted a Bimini coupe when I was younger, so when I saw it I had to snag it.

Lets see your bimini cars...here's mine





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I've been wanting one forever. I'm military and have almost 0 time to work on it, so I was hesitant to buy it...but I couldn't resist. I'll get time eventually :nice: I almost got a small loan and bought Xsporter's bimini car that he just sold, that thing was slick!

It's a factory 5.0/5spd, 94,xxx miles, never wrecked. It's a midwest car with a small amount of surface rust starting in the front frame area. I will take care of that to prevent spread. The previous owner had a respray done on this one with some cheesy ghost flames that I'm not a fan of, so I plan to have it re-sprayed. You can barely see them in the pics...white whispy pearl. The decklid also had rust on the lip so it has a glass one on it that's white...needs paint. I also want to paint the mouldings body-color. After that, FR500 wheels with a brake upgrade...and maybe a street friendly turbo kit down the road. I intend to keep all of the amenities though, P/S, A/C, etc...

The interior is in great shape. I want to replace the LX seats with either 94+ charcoal leather, or some corbeaus. Otherwise, it's clean as it is.

Does anyone know if factory 5.0s came with the 'lx' interior in 91? I thought they all had tweed interior? I'm not sure if this car is factory black interior or not. I know the interior itself is not dyed, and the screws are all correct, but I thought the factory 5.0's all came with tweed/sport interior in 91-93. So, the interior may have been converted at one point.

There werent many made in this color so I want to fix it right and keep it...just a matter of time to get it all done!
i like how you painted the black trim. im thinking about paint my trim the body color when i get it done.
by the way what size tires was you running on the back. i believe i =m going to step up to the pony r's myself.
Here she is after paint. Still not 100% done, but pretty close!

I haven't had a chance to take any 'good' pics because winter is upon us now...but it turned out nice and slick. I still need to put the antenna in it, adjust the new e-brake (cobra disc conversion), and a few other odds/ends.

If you're looking for paint in my area, let me know - Rocky does good work and he's really fair.

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