Lifter preload procedure differences


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Nov 27, 2000
Sonora, CA
Hi Stangers,

I am doing some research to get ready for dealing with lifter noise on a new engine I just finished. The symtoms are a noise that comes on about 1000 RPM and goes away at about 2000 rpm. The noise gets less as the engine warms. At best, it's till load enough to cause me concern. I have already had the valve covers off and set the preload again. I found no problems. I think I have excessive preload on one or more lifters due to the noise getting better as the engine warms up.

Fords procedure calls for bringing the piston to TDC, with the rotor pointed to the same cylinder, and then set the preload for both valves.

The EO, IC procedure calls for going past TDC and setting the intake when the exhaust just starts to open. The exhaust is set after the intake starts to go closed.

I used Fords procedure because you set both valves at the same time. I will try the EO/EC to see if I get different results. It seems to me that a mild cam, doesn't require using the EO/IC procedure.

What do you guys think?

My set up is TFS stage 1, FMS 1.73:1, GT40Y303 heads.
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