Lighting Mods


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Feb 4, 2002
San Jose, CA
Well I'm continuing with my installation of various parts I aquired over the winter. Over the last few days I did some lighting mods. Here's what I did day one, installed LED light for my plate lights:



I'll post up some more stuff that I did later, but here's the brief run down. I moded my taillight harness (thanks for the help Ryan) to make when you signal or brake that all 6 taillights function instead of the just the 4. I also added similar style LED lights for my reverse lights.
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Red2000GT said:
Cool,did you order a kit for that or just make something up yourself?

The LED stuff I just ordered the LEDs from a website of an eBay seller I found. His name was importsquare. I don't recommend buying from eBay go to their actual website. ( I just odered a 197 LED and a 3157 LED and just replaced the stock blubs. As for the activating the inner taillight segments I got a whole Mustang taillight wiring assembly and cut off the two normal sockets and then connected the minor power and ground and then spliced the main power wire into one of the ones from the other sockets and that's all! I'll post up some more pics later!

Here's a video of the lights:

Here's some pictures of the lights:

I'm officially making this my mod posting picture thread! It should be some what busy, I'm planning on getting my major mods done within the next week.

I just finished up re-badging the car and here are the results! (I thought the V8 would be super hard to make straight but I just used some masking tape, a pencil and a ruler and all was well!)


WOT said:
So did you just replace the back ups and the lic plate lights. Or the tails too.

I did the reverse and plate ones. I was thinking about doing the taillights as well but I was thinking that I should probably use the LED lights that look like this:
View attachment 482551

And I didn't really wanna spend like $60 on bulbs, until I see someone else do it and think it looks awesome I'll stick with this!

With the taillights I just did the 6 light conversation thing so all the lights blink versus just 4.
Brake Intsall

Well I got my Bullitt brakes installed today! Here's the end results! :) When they were doing that since they had to pull the axles I got Royal Purple in the rear end, as well they did an oil change with Royal Purple, I have the tranny fluid on order too so I'll be all RP'ed up!