Lightning MAF in 96 GT?

will the lightning Maf just plug into a 96 GT? i know i have to get it tuned and about to buy a Vortech, but i need to get a few extras that the guy im buying it from doesnt hav, one of them being a MAF. so will it fit?

and i also wanted to know what is the recommended fuel pump to run with a v2-sq at low boost, like 8 pounds...should i go with a 255 or 310?

and i already searched about the lightning MAF and couldnt find anything about the plug-in being the same.
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Yes, the Lightning MAF is a direct swap (physically) to your '96 6-plug wiring harness. You will of course have to have the proper transfer function programmed into the EEC via a custom computer chip or Hand held tune in order for it to work properly....and you will of course need to play with your inlet a little in order to adapt the now 4” meter to the inlet pipe of the blower.....but yes, it will work.

A 255lph pump along with 42lb/hr injectors should sufficiently handle you fuel needs for an S-Trim Vortech pullied for a conservative 8psi. If later on, you choose to increase the performance capabilities of your engine and blower, you can always add an inline pump, or purchase a Kenne Bell boost-a-pump to add up to another 50% capacity to your 255lph pump, bringing it up to approx 380lph.....which is more than enough fuel for your stock feed line and fuel rails to handle.
thanks, i also was told something about needing to do something to my car since it has a air temp sensor in the LMAF... is that true?

no it is not and be advised there are 2 different LMAF. 1 is 80mm and the 2001 up is 90mm, now your car has a 80mm MAF on it now.
so choose the right meter because if you go wth the 90mm one, you'll also have to re-do the air inlet and outlet of the car since the 90mm is @1/2" larger in diameter than the 80mm you have now