Long Tube Difficulties?


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Nov 7, 2010
I have recently rebuilt a 91 5.0. Trick flow street heat top end. Its ready to go back in the car. The only thing I cant decide is whether to go long tubes or shorties. I want long tubes but am worried about some of the fitment problems and space for later maintenance. Also price and exhaust options. What would I need to know or be worried about with long tubes? Is it worth it over shorties? I would love to hear some opinions. Thanks.
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I found BBK 1 5/8" long tubes not that much harder to install than equal length shorties. Larger diameter long tubes can create more fitment issues. The big issue with long tubes is you do give up some ground clearance, but I love what long tubes do for you, and wouldn't dream of not having them on my car.
I have to remove the header to change the starter. Don't really see that being a huge issue though. I have installed bbk mac and kooks longtubes. The bbk are pretty good for the money, I would go for those over the mac's. Kooks are on my car and are pretty nice, each tube is installed one at a time and the collector slides on with them still loose on the head. Hang a bit low...
I have Foxbody BBK Ceramic longtubes for the manual. Definitely go longtubes. I'm not sure if you have a manual or an automatic, but you definitely don't have to remove the header to pull the starter with the manual ones. This is a great time to upgrade your starter anyway. Mo powa is going to mean higher exhaust temps, and even with shorties it is likely the old foxbody coffee can starter is going to overheat. The longtubes are not hard to install once you know how to do to it. You will be kicking yourself down the road if you don't go with longtubes now.

Its a manual transmission. I think Im going long tubes. What options do I have for exhaust after that?
i ran h pipe and flows for years.....i have long tubes x pipe and magnaflows with all my mods and now i have to say i frikn love it!....just sounds killer when your on it.....
For a street car application I would stick with shortie headers. They are plenty good enough to support more power than your stock block and we have more than one car running bottom 10.'s with shortie headers. For more of a race application of something in the 500rwhp+ application it's long tubes all the way... Just my .02 cents. Don't crucify me here people, lol
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Loved my MAC Ceramic 1-3/4" Long Tubes with 3" collector, MAC 3" Prochamber and MAC 3" Catback. Bolted to my 347 Stroker it was just sick. I've had 6 exhaust set up's on my 94 and Long Tubes was by far the best sounding and best power.
I run the BBK ceramic 1 and 3/4" longtubes. It's a good way to blow $500. For simplicity, the BBK intermediary is going to be the easiest for fitment. I think they usually go with the X-pipe. The BBKs are the best fitting but the driver's side pipe comes at the transmission at a tight angle, and I don't think you will have much luck getting another intermediary to work. I spent a long time reworking my Mac prochamber to work with the BBK headers.