Look what I got the other day!!


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Feb 5, 2004
Killeen, Texas

I've been wanting to get a weight bench for a year now, but my dad didn't really want me getting one last summer. So finally I just went out and bought one, lol. Now he says he wants to start working out too. I set it up in our guest room, cus I had no room in mine, cus of the air hockey table. Once we get our 4th bedroom cleaned out (it's our office right now) then the air hockey table is going in there, and the weight bench is going in my room. One of my friends (who is actually like 50 and used to be a pro boxer) is working with me to set up a nice workout routine that should help me to build up pretty quick. I'm already noticing a difference, and I just started tuesday! Sorry for the crappy picture, and ignore the stinkin stuffed animals, lol, it's some of my mom's only childhood memories of my brother and me. :rolleyes:
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The day I start working out is the day hell freezes over :D I get enough walking and lifting at work to not need to work out. Plus I always used to ride a bike around, surf, ride dirtbikes, etc when I was younger... Dont think I've ever worked out a day in my life, but I've lifted weights for a few min to see what I could do at the time.
Iggyshane said:
I have been lifting for the past 2 or 3 years for 4 or 5 times a week the best advise i can give you is to eat right. 80% of gaining muscle is based on your diet, manage healthy carbs with protein and you can get huge fast. :D

This is 100% fact, nutrition is a major part of getting in shape and building muscle. In the past year and a half I went from a size 40 pants to a size 32-34 an I got my chest up to 50". I was a flabby 250lbs. and now im a solid 220.
nice bench. now grab some dumbells and yur all set.i used to work out at the gym for many years until i realized it would be easier and more cost effective to have my own equipment.the only thing i need now is a leg press machine and im done.never have to spend another dime and ill have them till the day i die.
Nice bench chris, I've been working out for the past two months straight. Except for the past two weeks its been my loading time. I eat and eat and eat gain weight then build muscle when i get back in the gym. I'm usually on a weird diet that is why im up late on stangnet its cause im eating. I got back to the point where i was in high school and this next month its time to get big cause i got a trip to the beach coming this summer. My goal go from my measly weight i started out at 148 im now 160 to a healthy 180. I think 6 foot 180 is a good size.
I have some dumbells too. The bar set I bought came with a bellbar and two dumbells (the two individuals for curling, I think that's what they're called, lol). I need more weights though, I have all my weights scattered to all the different things (benchpress, dumbells, leg press) so I keep having to switch them from one to the next. I've worked out somewhat regularly for the past 8 month or so, but mainly just push-ups, sit-ups, and some curling. I never had an actual bench where I could do stuff. I've already noticed some results, mainly less fat on my chest. Anybody have any tips on building up some mass fairly quickly?

EDIT: Oh Shaun, yours is a 240, mine's a 235. I was looking at both, but I couldn't see any difference in the two, except the 240 (yours) was $30 more! The 235 was on sale, so I went with that. :banana:
if yur looking to gain mass quickly then u need to eat a balanced diet w/ as many calories as u can.{complex carbs and protien} not crap.also jump on some supplements.Nlarge-2 is a great protien mass gainer.it has like 600 calories and 52 grams of protien per serv. slam 3 a day and u will notice some nice gains.protien is the key to building mass,try and consume 2 times ur wieght in grams for ur protien intake.its not easy to do w/out supplementing.lots of fish, chicken, turkey, and soy. good luck on the bulk up.