Electrical Looking for guidance on ignition coil and wiring on '85 GT carb setup


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Aug 20, 2004
Hi everyone, I'll try and keep this brief and hopefully give you as much info as you need. I have an '85 GT 302 carbureted hunk o junk I bought a while back. Its got a 91 block in it that the guy had converted to a electronic fuel pump. I am into the process of converting it back to mechanical fuel pump. New timing cover, eccentric, and mechanical pump are installed. My next task is getting the electrics in order, mainly the ignition coil, ignition coil module and distributor. First question, how do I know if I need the ignition coil with or without electronic engine controls. Second question, how do I know what wires go where? Its a jumbled mess in there. I do still have color on my wires, so if there is a color coded guide somewhere that would be helpful. I do have a voltmeter and am getting more comfortable testing circuits but I'd def need some guidance on that as well. And if you need any additional info let me know. Thank you all for your help!!
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You need to buy all of these preferably, but the small book in the lower left corner might get you by if you can find one..
Electrical & Vacuum trouble shooting guide for 85 mustang.....
5L5 recommended getting one for my 83 and it has alot more info in it than I originally realized and its easy to use...