Looking for shocks/struts to improve ride quality


Mar 31, 2005
Boston, MA
I found out that the creaking/popping noise is coming from my front right strut. So I'm gonna replace at least the fronts, if not the whole package. Since this is going into my convertible, which I plan to keep pretty close to stock, I'd like to get some that would improve the ride quality. Any suggestions? The car won't be lowered or anything...
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Strange makes 10 way adjustables; shocks and struts for real cheap. My car is strictly for drag, but I have messed around with different settings and I can feel the difference in every setting. Between the softest setting and the tightest setting, my car can feel like a complete drag car and a oval track car. I was leery about the plastic knobs to adjust them with, but so far after a year and a half I havn't had a problem. Total for all 4 was under $400.
Popping sounds from the front are usually from the ball joints. I have the Bullitt set up on my GT and the ride is better than stock and the handling is greatly improved.