Lowering Springs On '10 Gt

Ben Beck

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Jun 4, 2013
Hi all,

Noob here (1st post). I bought 2010 GT this spring and am starting to do little things here and there on it. It had Magnaflows on it and a saleen grille will be here this week. I am looking at lowering the car. I am looking for opinions regarding the following two kits and also what a decent price would be to get them installed (not too handy mechanically). Thanks in advance.

Eibach Pro Kit


Ford Racing K Springs


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FRPP K springs are made by Eibach to the same specs as Eibach Pro Kit springs, so they are essentially the same springs. (painted differently) As are the Roush Dub springs and UPR Pro. All made by Eibach to the same specs as Eibach Pro Kit. That said, I have a set on my S197 and I love them!

I'd also suggest an adjustable panhard bar and upgraded shocks & struts, but they are not required.
Gratz on the new ride! Sharad has steered you in the right direction - you can drop your car up to 1.5" without adding anything else. Most folks will recommend that you upgrade the shocks and struts while you are in there, along with an adjustable panhard bar to re-center the rear axle after the drop. You may find that you cannot get back to within factory specs for alignment up front without adjustable CC plates or bolts, but this is rare. The CC plates will allow for more adjustment to get you back within factory specs after the drop, and are only about $100 more than new upper strut mounts (the factory ones are junk, and may come apart on you when you do you swap).
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Thanks all. I think I am leaning towards the K Springs just to stick with the Ford name. What is a decent price to get them installed at a local shop? I am guessing a Ford store will charge an arm and leg, yes?
Nice car! Lev me some Grabber Blue!

Good advice above.

You will pay more at the dealership. Not sure what a fair rate would be, I would guess 2 hours at shop rate?

My advice-do it yourself. This is an easy job, and the reason you're not too handy mechanically is because you haven't tackled too many jobs yet. This is a good one to learn on. For what you'd pay someone else to do it, you can pay for your tools. There will be YouTube videos that show how. If you have problems, come on here, post questions (with pics) and we can talk you through it. If you're going to own Mustangs, you're going to mod them, and if you're going to mod them, there's no better reward than doing it yourself. Go check out the Fox pages, see all those car guys? Most of them are self taught. I'm self taught! And us old farts didn't have the interwebby to make things easier. We had to read books, and write to tech sections of magazines, and wait 3 months for an answer. Go for it!
Shop rate is usually $65.00 hr. you can do the rear yourself, I did. Thanks for letting
me know shop rates vary Husky, I haven't traveled much in years & did not know. If
your gonna own a Hot Rod you gotta learn to work on em.
Thanks all. I appreciate the insight. My dad's buddy has a shop and said he would do it for $300 with an alignment.

I might hold off for a month or two. I just bought a saleen grille and a CDC chin spoiler. Grille is on already; chin spoiler this week. I feel a snowball of purchases coming lol