Lug Nuts... Oem Size


10 Year Member
Jan 7, 2012
Adrian, MI
my tire iron does not fit my lug nuts. tire iron fits 13/16 and installed lugs are 1/2-20. which are original? do i have the wrong tire iron or the wrong lug nuts? google gives both sizes as available and threads from all over claim one or the other is correct.
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½-20 is the thread size (½" bolt diameter with 20 threads for every inch)

13/16" is merely the standard hex nut/socket size of stock lug nuts. Your tire iron should fit if you still have stock lug nuts on your car.

It is possible to have ½-20 lug nuts with a 19mm/¾" hex head. Try something like that if a 13/16" is too big for what's currently installed.
No,...some one may have changed the lug nut from 13/16 to 3/4. The thread size on the stud remains the same (1/2"-20), regardless of what size socket (or lug wrench) is required to take them ( the lug nuts) off.