Mac Rear Lower Control Arms!!! Tokico's! GREAT!!!!


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Aug 12, 2002
Shippensburg, PA
I drove my car today... I put on Mac rear lower control arms and tokico shocks... Also KYB quad shocks... I had ebay springs on it before... I went from 245 45 17 to a 275 40 18 also! And let me tell you!!! 100% worth the money!!! My rear end is so stiff and hugs every turn and wehen i hit on it with the 4.10 gears it hooks and goes!!! Rear lower control arms in my opinion should be one of the first mods! Along with the shocks... i will tell you how well the front is once I get the cobra brakes and tokico struts on up there!!!!
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New Member
Apr 20, 2004
that is good to know as I have questioned the build quaility and durability of those MAC pieces. I have the springs and I am not to impressed with them. I have thought about getting some of the MAC UCAs and LCAs because of their low price BUT I also believe " you get what you pay for". I will keep an eye on this thread and listen to other people's reviews also. THX