Made a "Responsible" Choice Tonight


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Dec 6, 2004
And im not regretting it.

I was coming home from work, stopped to get some gas.

Pull up to the pump and there is a Civic and a 350-Z at the pump next to me. 3 kids (younger than me probaly) staring at my car.

I get out, one of them says (with his hat on backwards and cocked to the side) "aye, you wanna run dat thing?".

I looked at him and said... "What, against those two cars (chuckled a little)?"

He said... "Yea main, and SRT-4's, Evo... a bunch of us".

I told him no, I wasnt looking to get wrapped up in that trouble, plus I saw a cop heading towards their meeting spot.

He blew that off and they left.

So after I got gas, I went over to said meeting spot and there were SO MANY RICERS and no domestics that I saw. I started laughing and just cruised by a little.

Everbody there (probaly 20-25 people) stopped an looked dead at my car... So I gave them a little rolling 2nd gear burnout salute and went on my way.

No way I want to get caught up with a bunch of high school ricer kids street racing on a well known highway...:ban:

Part of me wanted to run, but the other part wants to enjoy my licence and car for a long time to come.
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Probaly... but I wasnt scared to lose. Most of them were Civics, Integras, 350's, saw an SRT-4... blah blah blah.

Im sure some of them were quick and could walk me but I garuntee you none of them could do a burnout like me... hahaha.

My car sucks from a dig because its traction limited... rolling in 2nd gear is where the fun is at for me. Or a 65-70mph downshift to 3rd is a nice one also.
yeah man, cars fall in the wrong hands sometime. I dunno if some of you remember me telling you, some kid in an sn95, tried to rev me with my mom in the car, dropped it in gear when the light went green, spun out in front of me, lost control, and went off-roading. And im kinda glad i was with my mom, cause i prolly would have run, but then, he would have crashed, and i would have been in DEEP trouble. So, ahhh, dumb kids. For some reason, i have a radar now for dumbasses....i just know whos dumb and in a fast car, and who isnt. Im pretty sure a lot of us have that established already.
I didnt roll up to them or anything, I just cruised passed them and left a little rubber on the road for them to sniff... a little immature but oh well.

mazen, yeah I remember that story. I see idiot drivers all the time trying to start stuff.
I like most of the stang V-8 owners, when I see a nice one I flash the lights and they give me a friendly rev. Imports on the other hand :nonono: I see one that I think is nice (Supra TT or 3rd Gen RX-7) and give a nod and they bounce the damn thing off the rev limiter and do a Honda shift (press clutch in, rev to redline and release pedal).
Just dumb :notnice:
Honda shifts... haha I used to do those all the time in my dads beater accord, I was like 15, no liscence driving down the country roads racing my friends jus for something to do... yea I was stupid and luck I never got caught, but hey it was good times redlining and chirping through the gears, now 5 yrs latr Im really wishing I had a 5spd instead of this auto...
dude, u know what i hate, they say Stang owners are the most immature, hahaha.....what the **** ever man. i think we are the most mature and responsible ones. most immature ones i think are srt4 owners (i hate those care with a passion), older honda owners, sorry, but v6 mustang owners. haha...sorry.
Eh :shrug: I remember when I had my non-turbo RX-7 or my 91 Hard Top 300Z, I used to drive like a duche and race all the time cause I always thought people were trying to race me. Turns out they were driving normal and my cars were slow :( I had a 90 RX-7 2+2 and put 17K into it only to be beaten by a stock CR-V :cry: I traded it in for a LT-4 Corvette GS the next day :nice:
Eh :shrug: I remember when I had my non-turbo RX-7 or my 91 Hard Top 300Z, I used to drive like a duche and race all the time cause I always thought people were trying to race me. Turns out they were driving normal and my cars were slow :( I had a 90 RX-7 2+2 and put 17K into it only to be beaten by a stock CR-V :cry: I traded it in for a LT-4 Corvette GS the next day :nice:

:rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

Sorry dude,
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
it's cool, my buddy one time raped a 240SX in his mom's pilot.
At least you came to the right side.

My first car was a 97 Nissan Sentra, man I ghetto modded the **** outta that car and would floor it everywhere just trying to get attention. So we've all been through our boy ricer phase.
man, a similar story happened to me once

out here in everett, ma, about 5 years ago, i was going through a wendy's late night about 130 am to get some burgers, and then pull into a stop and shop right next to it, near my house, to eat.

so, as i said, i pulled in to the stop and shop lot to eat since it was vacant and i was hungry. and again, it was really late, so there wasnt a single car out in the area. but not 5 minutes pass, when i look up (this was off of a state highway) and i see nothing but headlights, dozens and dozens of headlights.

they look like a swarm of bees, all close together, and going the same speed. and, son of a vondrook, wouldnt you know it, they all pull in, one by one, into the stop and shop parking lot, where i am, and start filing in and parking right next to me, as in, the next spot to my left and right, and in front and behind me. im IN THE MIDDLE OF A HUGE FRIGGIN PARKING LOT THAT IS EMPTY!!!

to top it all off, its all ricers, every single one of them. all fast and furious, vinyl wearing, 8" exhaust having, spinning hubcaps loving, mega spoiler flaunting ricers. and about 40 of them.

they all start getting out, and blasting rap, and opening hoods and ****, haha.

i thought i was dreaming. this whole sequence of events, i had the same, locked jaw in the open, disbelieving position, with an unblinking eye, while holding the same french fry for 2 minutes face on, trying to figure out what the hell was going on.

anways, one kid comes over to me and says

'yo, dat **** got a v8??'

i was still unsure if this was all real. so, i said yea, and they all started coming over and looking at my car like they've never EVER seen a mustang before. mind you, this is in 2003, and with my old black relatively stock 02 GT. they've been out a long time. i was assuming they never saw the front of one, and im sure these kids would recognize it better if they just looked at the back of the car first.

so, they all start hanging out, and its almost 2 am. nothing good can come out of this, so i turn to my buddy who's with me, to let him know we're leaving. i start to pull out, and my buddy, who is a DIE HARD american muscle fanatic, says

'smoke em'

haha. so, i just crank it and get the tires going and pull out of the lot with nothing but a rubber fog behind me.

now, im sure i looked like 'the cool kid', and now that im older, i dont usually do that kind of thing. id rather just blend in, drive like a normal person and whatnot, but the whole thing didnt seem real to begin with. plus, at the time, i had just traded in my 6 banger that i had for 4 years. so that GT was fairly new to me, i loved having that kind of power.

ill never forget that day, just because of how odd it all was.
I never had a Ricer phase. I come from a long line of old school Detroiters who would kick my ass for rolling some Rice.

My family all have Stangs, or have owned them previously. (My mom had a Firebird once :()

Where I'm from, we would have harassed ricers until they cried, but for some reason, it is cool to own a car that costs $70k and still live at home with your mom or live in a $30k home. :shrug::rlaugh:

Talk about irony.