mark VIII 4V swap to a sohc gt??


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Jan 2, 2007
north carolina
:D ive found a steel on a lincoln mark 8 4v car. my question is what all will i be facing on this swap, and is it worth it, and what all do i need? i can get the whole car and its a 1995 lincoln. any advice is welcome thanks to all. oh i can get the whole shoot'n'match for less the a 1000 bucks, and ive already herd it run and drove it.:nice:
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the block is exactly the same as a cobra. the crank is a six bolt cast piece. same rods and pistons as a cobra. same heads with smaller cams. the intake on a 93-95 out torques the cobra intake, but the cobra intake is better in every other way.

imrc controls for the cobra has a controller your pcm will not control. 95 pcm's are hybrid EEC-iv.

my advice.... use your pcm, get it tuned and get cobra cams and intake. you will find it is slower than equal bolt-on 99+ gt until you add cams and 4.30 gears.

then the cobra-esk mill will shine.

our club has a bolt-on 4.30 geared 97 that runs 13.3 in the quarter. just a little slower than an equal bolt-on 05+ GT. and that was her first time trying the 1/4 mile.
rods and piston are not forged. pistons re hypereutectic and the rods are the same cracked powered metal rods. the heads are the same as cobra head, cams are different.

watch out though as some of the rebuild components for the earlier teksid blocks are obsolete.
putting PI stuff is ok. overall it will be a beter motor than mark VIII, unless you really get into the motor. heads,cams, longtubes, etc.

if you can wait and aquire items the real hot setup is cleaned up, 3 angled 04-05 4v heads, lincoln aviator intake, bolt-ons. nothing is superior to that. use your short block and 04+ 4v components. forgings are for power adders over 500whp.
your mark viii crank rods, and pistons will live to 7000 rpm.