Mass Air Meter Q...

I just got my car tuned after the vortech S-Trim was put in. it was tuned with an SCT chip. it has the stock mass air meter in there right now "tweaked" to run with the new fuel system. the car is running extremely bad. i just got the Pro-M 80mm calibrated to 30# injectors yesterday. can i put it in now and get it tuned later? will that mess up anything or make it run worse/better?
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Nope... unless your stock meter was recalibrated for 30 lb injectors, then you're stuck with it until you can get the car tuned again. Stock meters are calibrated for roughly 19 lb injectors. My guess is that your computer was tuned to deal wiht that. Putting a meter in now that is calibrated for 30s will screw everything up UNLESS (comma) the due that did your tune was a tool and did not properly adjust the stock meter's transer function.