Mass Air Meter to Throttle Body Question


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Mar 30, 2006

I'm a little confused here on what is the best combo. Let me give you the basic specs on the car first.

95 Mustang
B50 block 8.5/1 compression ratio
CHP 347 SF Kit
Canfield Stage 3 Heads
Kenne Bell 1.5L (Yeah I know need Blowzilla and will soon, down to 6lbs boost now)
36lb injectors
Pro-M 75 MAM

and Various other stuff long tubes, Fuel Rails, pumps, Al Rad, twin Fans, etc...

My BIG question now is before I get on the dyno to tune it I need to finish off the top side (well except for charger that will have to come later) I need to replace the injectors, MAM and maybe the Throttle body. So what combo would you guys recommend for these three pieces? Knowing it is hard to find Throttle Bodies much larger than 70mm that fits the 95 model (at least that I can find yet)..
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I would get no smaller than a 80mm Mass Air. Your throttle body should be okay for what your running, as long as its supercharged. If your running NA, you want as big as you can get. Supercharging it doesn't matter like it does for NA. Injectors, I wouldn't go anything smaller than 42#s. I would even look into 60s and up if i were you. you have quite a bit of cubes and some good heads and supercharging it no less. Just make sure you have the pump, line, rails to support them.
Unlike ProKiller I don't have any blown combo experience

but I read a lot on these forums :D


I stayed at a Holiday Inn last night :shrug:

anyway ... From everything I've seen about the KB's ... you want a large tb & maf.

As for inj's ... I also say no smaller than 42's

Don 95Vert is who you want to use for a search about KB's :nice:

You could say he had a bit of success with them :rlaugh: