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Mar 13, 2002
Denver, CO - Buckley AFB
Help.... how big of a cam can I run with stock valve springs on the stock motor... I've already got 1.72 rockers on it but I want to upgrade the cam too.... I can always remove these rockers if need be but I need to know at what point will I hit coil bind. Do they make an aftermarket spring that will fit without machine work to the heads?? Thanks in advance for the help, I appreciate it!!

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I believe stock valve springs are only good for .500" lift. More then that, and you will experience coil bind. I emailed trick flow about their spring kit, and they didn't recommend it for me. They said with my cam swap, I should go with a double valve spring, where the kit is only a single spring with a damper. Thumper sells a complete set of springs for like 130 I believe, and they fit stock heads no problem, and are good for .590" lift. Just shoot him a PM and he will give you the details.

I agree TMoss, age is a big factor.. I will probably look into something like the trick flows.. I'm not trying to cut corners but I didn't want to invest in a set of springs if it wasn't necessary..I'm not going crazy on cam size, just something like a B cam or similar product and I want to be safe about the whole thing. Thanks for the info guys!!!