Mercury electric fan

I have a 65 fastback 289 bored .30 over with A/C. I live in Puerto Rico where the average temp is 95 degrees. In order to keep my stang in good operating conditions (and to show off) I sometimes drive it to work which gets me in traffic jams. The car heats up to 220 and sometimes a bit more. I have the original radiator, fan and shroud set up. I want to go electric with a 3 row 68, 429 radiator (16”x24”). The clerk at the speed shop tells me a stock Mercury Saber fan ($150.00) would fit perfect this radiator and it has greater pull then most aftermarket fans. My question before I commit to buy is; has anyone tried this set up? Does it work? What do you guys think..
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Feb 24, 2004
West Texas
I tried it, and it doesn't fit. It makes a good swap for a fox body though as it pulls a lot of air.

The problem is it is too thick if you are running the stock waterpump. If you have the later model timing cover with no mechanical fuel pump and the shorter pullies it might fit.

It's easier to keep your mechanical fan for now and try to get an aluminum cross flow radiator. Do a search and you'll find a lot on this subject.


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Mar 23, 2004
Maybe it depends on the year of Sable. There are a significant number of people out there using a Taurus electric fan on their classics. The Mercury and Ford should be identical. The only thing I've heard is that the fan can suck a lot of juice, so people usually convert their alternator at the same time.

Do a search for Taurus fan and you should come up with several hits in this forum. There are how-to articles posted in some of them.

I hope this helps.
I went to the speed shop with the radiator and measured it. Perfect fit! I purchased it and after eliminating the original fan found that the electric fan touches the water pump. I went a head (since the radiator was not bolted on yet) and moved the radiator two inches to the right and it cleared with an extra inch. The speed shop threw in two 30 amp relays with #8 wires, they say the fan is pretty powerful and will need it for startup. I have not finished installing it and will not finish before the weekend. I will let you guys how it goes.