Miata seats on ebay....maybe they'd fit?

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kinda OT, but I didn't know miata seats had the speakers in the headrest...i thought only RX7's had that...

Nice seats tho, i was looking at getting a pair of miata seats awhile back. I think they'd look great in a classic interior...
Yah there not bad seats. The speakers in the headrest are a nice feature for verts. As far as will they fit? All it really comes down to unless they are power is can you mount the rails for the seat.
steelhorse said:
Fiero's, Miata's and RX7's had speakers in the headrests.

Not to hijack or anything but I'd like to see some pic's of different seats in a stang if anyone wants to post theirs



Thanks go to OboeBrian for hosting and constructing this tech write-up for me. :)
I found 1993 Toyota Supra seats look, and feel so good after the forth hour in the car. I got the shelby gt350 repo roll bar hoop (2 pt.) I only had to make one small cut out in each of the interior panels about 2 inches long with a 2 inch radius. Then I got the 3 pt. shelby seat belt repos that mount to the bar over your head. Stays out of the way so ppl can still get in the back seat. The added safety of the the over the shoulder is nice and the seats are manual but recline, and have the lumbar support dial. I'll post some pics later. You can see the roll bar here: http://www.mustangstofear.com/catalog.php?category=interior&prod=roll_bar