Might buy these wheels...

OK fella's - I want opinions.... I was cruising around craigslist and found a set of wheels that I have been looking at for a while - but could not find them in 18's.

Here is the link to the actual wheels for sale:

Here is a pic of the wheels on the guys car before he took them off and a pic of the actual wheel from american muscle - but in a 17inch size.

Let me know if you guys will think these will look good on my 2006 black GT. I plan on dropping the car after I buy these rims.


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Thanks for all the feedback. I think I am going to get them.

The guy I am buying them from had on 255/45/18 tires. I dont want as beefy looking tires like the stock. I would like more lower profile w/o killing the ride quality. I am going to probably use these year around. Any recommendations? Any specific tire maker that I should go with? I can order these through my father who owns a body shop at discounted price.

Here's a few of ours. We finally have pony center caps now. I love them. Always loved them on the Mach 1's. They're made by AFS and you can purchase them off of eBay. I think this was the first mod we did.




the wheels are a magnum 500 style wheel, not "mach1" wheels. they were available on more than just an 03/04 mach1. not exclusive to just a new edge mach. :rolleyes:
The old Machs had an older style of these rims also, not just the new edge ones.
I wasnt around when the old Machs were on the street, I just see the pics and restored ones so maybe there were others, I cant seem to take the time to research it.

This is a newer style of Magnum 500 rims, which were very similar to the rims on the new edge Mach. I see them and I think Mach 1...

I think they look nice (as I said) and if FORD didnt decide to use them as the staple Mach 1 rim maybe I wouldnt associate the two. But they did...so...

BTW...I know the requiem guy a little too well and its my job to rattle him...