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Sep 5, 2001
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Can anyone tell me if these parts are compatible?

In my black turbo '91, I'd like to go aftermarket with the steering wheel AND retain cruise control. I love the look of the Momo 'Race' Steering wheel:


In fact, I like it so much I've already ordered it. However, the best solution I can find to keep cruise control is to buy 87-89 cruise switches and mount them in the Saleen-style 1987-1989 MUSTANG SVE CRUISE CONTROL SWITCH BRACKET (pic below). However, the Saleen bracket was made for the Momo 'Voloce' and 'Monte Carlo' style wheels, and I just cant tell if it'll fit. I might buy it and have someone with a steadier hand or some machining skills make the grooves to fit this bracket anyways, but I'd like to know if it'll work as-is before I buy.

Example in Saleen:

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I have this one. I bought it before LMR had their SVE style bracket. There are some subtle differences so i can't comment much on the LMR bracket.

This one has a flat top and a recess on the back to fit into the Momo hub. I'll grab some pics in a bit. Really the only concern is that if the buttons reveal in the right location between the spokes and don't contact. Only way to find out is to try it. I think the 6-bolt plate will sandwich fine between the wheel and hub, it's just where the buttons will sit.

I do think the SVE buttons stick out further than my kit does. If you compare the above pic to the below one, i think you'll see it as well. That may help with fit, but would need to mock it up first. I do think LMR allows returns on that part