MM Full Lenght S/F or Kenny Brown Extreme Matrix

Okay guys, I've narrowed it down between these two. I hear good things about both. I need subframe connectors badly. My car shakes & rattles terribly. Especially driving on rough roads. I hear that S/F can fix my problem. I have a 2000 GT Vert. I know the stock ones that comes on the car is crap because it is bolted on rather than welded on. So which one is the way to go for a vert. IMO, I think the KB Extreme system looks like it'll stiffen my chassis better than the MM. But the K/B Suframes itself looks like reg. length. The MM has the full lenght. But doesn't come with the other stuff that KB has. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thx.
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New Member
Jul 17, 2003
Long Island, NY
I have the kenny brown extreme subframe system installed on my Vert. I did it myself. Pain in the ass. I first installed the subframe connectors and drove for a while on them made a huge difference with regard to cowl shake with the top down. I then installed the rest of the system and i would say ab out 95% of the shake is gone with the top down and with the top up 99% is gone. However i also have a strut tower brace and a lower front kenny brown frame brace also. So if you can get a realy meticilus guy to do the work then go for the extreme system. But i would think any subframe connector is better than none or the stupid bolt on ones. The bolt on ones were on my car for about 1500miles and started to pull out of the frame. :lol:


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Nov 13, 2001
You probably can't go wrong with either. The MMs were $110 from Houston Performance and made a noticible difference in my car. It's definitely much more solid over rough surfaces and cowl shake isn't even noticible on smooth roads. Ultimately, I would base my choice of subframes on the experience of your installer, though. You want to know that whatever you buy is welded in correctly.
So I should get the MM? More people prefer the MM? Too me it looks like the KB will provide more stiffness to the chassis better than MM. The Extreme K/B comes with jacking rails, extreme matrix brace, & the super sub-frame connectors. Wouldn't that be more rigidity for the car. I don't know, they both are good name brands when it comes to suspension and it's hard choosing between the two. I just want the best for my car.