Modifying lifter for correct push rod length


Founding Member
Nov 19, 1999
Rio Rancho NM
So after 5 years of my mustang being down Im finally putting her back together. I installed some probe ind pistons, fly cut for the TFS head. Had the block zero decked and had the heads shaved and ported. So I need to find the correct size of push rod and check valve clerance.

I did a search on correct push rod length, found a good thread and now I can not find it. So I need some help.

The thread mentioned a way to modify an old lifter by removing the retaining cilp and some how adding washers insidethe lifter. It said by doing this you do not have to worry about letting the lifter bleed down. If any on has any info on this could you please post it.

One more question, does any one know the bolt size and thread count of the little bolts holding down the spider looking thing which holds down the lifter in the lifter valley.

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