morons...fixing someones "quick fix"


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Dec 28, 2003
wow...i cant believe what I just found...somebody had ran a jumper wire from the red/lt grn wire out of the ignition my coil. i cut it off and now i have no power to the coil. heres the thing doing this, he/she bypassed the rest of the circuit and i havent had power to the TFI module, or EEC relay this whole time (4 months)...anyone have a DETAILED wiring diagram of this circuit...or the ignition switch??
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The red w/green wire is the coil power wire that runs from the iginion switch. If you found this wire running like a bypass it's probably because the original wire in the harness broke or there was corrosion in the connector that runs near the left side of the engine bay.
Here's a diagram of the 87 wiring for the ignition switch...

In the upper RH corner there is the ignition switch & a fuse link which may have failed.

AutoZone wiring diagrams for 79-88 model cars for 89-93 model cars for 94-98 model cars
my car has a 90 model harness in it and it is Mass Air .....anyway, it took some digging but i found it....the 20GA fusable link had melted inside the was a bitch to get to. now....onto the next the fuel pump circuit...since it too is hard wired (to a switch). any diagrams on this circuit? thanks alot
Check out Autozone's diagrams in the previous post. They have diagrams of most of the major electrical system areas. Use the 89-93 model year and open up the one that applies to your car.